CG Direct Service Terms


Content Glass Direct app (CG-Direct) provides a service of interactive landing pages that help business to increase customers their engagement with web customers. CG-Direct is part of Content Glass Cloud and it uses Content Glass platform developed and provided by Rhizome Networks LTD - registered Israeli company ID: 514255132.

The term "we" used on this article refer to Rhizome Networks LTD.

Content Glass Cloud Account

This application is part of broader concept named - Content Glass Cloud or in short CG Cloud.

CG-Cloud consolidate multiple CG applictions by providing centralized user account for handling core resources, such as user profile, list of products and subscriptions. When you create an account via Sign-Up page of this website a centralized account is created for you on CG Cloud website. This account can be used to access multiple Content Glass apps of Content Glass Cloud network, so there is no need to create a new account for each application. In addition, the centralized account provide you with dashboard where you can get broad perspective of your activity, such as report of installed applications, report of consumed products (resources within apps) and report of purchased subscriptions. 

The flow for using CG-Cloud account is similar to what you probably know from other application repositories.

1. You create an account (possibly from application's website like this one)

2. You  install the application. 

3. You get access to application resource and you can use the app.


Note that if you want to change account info you should go to website, login and change the details there.  


Use the service AS-IS

By using Content Glass Direct you agree to use the service AS-IS. The fee for this app, if any, does not entitle the right for getting free support. We act with small R&D capacity and we keep the right to provide fixes and support based on our discretion and priority. 



Content is under user's responsibility

Any content created on pages is under page-owner responsibility. Any content shared with widget is under author responsibility. The same principle apply for both: private and public sharing-boards.

Rhizome Networks is a software company that deals with software and not with forcing rules. We expect each user to be responsible for the shared information provided by user. Still, using CG for promoting terror, promoting hate, illegal acts or abuse is forbidden. Use your common-sense, dignity and morality especially when you get the permissions to share widgets with the public. Remember that Content Glass was intentionally created with state-of-mind of  not being a spamming tool. We expect users to respect that.   


Possible malfunctions 

By using CG-Direct specifically and Content Glass generally you are aware that Content Glass is evolving software and problems may occur from time to time that may affect functionality (for example note you shared as part of campaign is not presented) or may affect your business (for example add-on apps that involve with integrating between widgets and products) for the period until fix. And you are willing to take the risk.   



You are allowed to: 

  • Create, Update, Delete one or more landing pages.
  • Share page presence with friends and customers by distributing.
  • Embed the page with IFRAME into websites or web apps you own.
  • Let your affiliates create pages that promote your business, given that affiliate does not breach any restriction of affiliate network he or she use.
  • Agency may create and manage  pages to their customers - given that customer provided written consent to page creation.  
  • Agency may collect fee for pages managed for their customers. 
  • Use pages as landing-page of your campaign.
  • Refer to pages from advertising campaign, such as referring from banners.
  • Referring to page PPC and other paid ads such as Google AdWords and Facebook ads. And given that page content does not contradict paid-ads restrictions force by advertising network.
  • Do CEF  Create-Enjoy-Fulfill.

Not Allowed

You are not allowed to:

  • Create page on behalf other business or other person unless the other business/person gave you written consent for doing that. For example you are not allowed to create Direct-Selling page for a store you are not own, unless you got written consent from store owner to do that.
  • Agency is not allowed to create pages for customers in advance neither create an offer for keeping a page if customer pay some amount. Any page for customer should be created only after customer has gave the consent for the page and for the service fee collected by agency. 
  • Affiliate should create pages for driving traffic to advertiser website if this action contradict any of the restrictions forced by an offer provided by affiliate network.
  • Page owner should not use spam Email for promoting a page. Simply don't do that!
  • Please do not use this page for any type of spamming.
  • Please do not use robots to scan pages. We do not want to pay for traffic generated by robots. Ask for API instead if you need some data.
  • Page content should not be involved with any type of terror, hatred or illegal activity.
  • Page should not be used for promoting, advertising, presenting or broadcasting porn.  
  • Any illegal related with Content Glass platform is not allowed.


Traffic Limitations

We are in the process of learning the most suitable pricing model for this app. Accordingly we provide the app for minimal fee per page that assume our ability to support moderate traffic. There is no accurate number to describe what "moderate traffic" is. Instead we track the application and if we decide that some business generates a traffic that requires much more IT resources than we can provide, we may ask the business to upgrade so we can support that amount of traffic or possibly move the page to run on dedicated server.  



Creating and using CG-Direct pages may require some fee. Some pages are free other are not. Billing is handled via third party platform. Accordingly do not provide any sensitive details on your user-account profile unless you was asked specifically by service admin. There are no hidden fees for using this app. Any fee is apply only upon acceptance to the price and conditions. If you decide to stop paying the fee for some reason, it is your own right and you should not provide us with any explanation unless you are willing to give a feedback. If a fee is not paid for some reason, we will simply block your access to related service after some reasonable time and possibly contact your Email for getting some feedback. That all we'll do.  

Fee conditions may be changed from time to time and most updated conditions are set in pricing page.

Service Termination

You may terminate your Content Glass Account at any time without need to explain. If you want to terminate your account please open a Ticket to support and we will block your account so you are not able to access any of Content Glass Cloud apps. 

We keep the right to block your account if we think service is misused by you or for any other reason. 

We keep the right to terminate CG-Direct app service at any time for any reason. 


Copyright and Patents 

Information presented by this website is  copyright by Rhizome Networks LTD unless stated differently.  Content Glass technologies presented by this website are copyright and patent pending by Rhizome Networks LTD: 

  • Provisional applications: 61943381 and 62053814.
  • PCT application PCT/IB2015/051165




Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available on our homepage and at every point where personally identifiable information may be requested.


Cookies are small files of data, stored by websites scripts in the cache of your web-browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc') for the purpose of enhancing user experience, providing much faster surfing experience, and being able to provide many of the modern services of customizing user experience based on user behaviour in a website. In simple words: Cookies are a way for personalizing user experience on a website, and mainly for most of the cases where users are not subscribers of a website. So, saving a data about user uses the local cache of a browser.

Some examples:

1. Google Analytics cookies: some of our websites uses Google analytics script. The purpose of this script is to collect information about website traffic. The collected data is then presented to website owner on a special account as Google Analytics website. Using this information website owner can have better understanding of the way, users use his of her website. This can include for example, graph of amount of visits, pages visited, the time user spend on a website, the location (country) from where user arrived, the type of browser user is using and more. Website owner may want to use this information in order to improve website, to evaluate the business model of a website, to evaluate the success of promotion activity and more. What important here is to understand that website owner does use statistical data for the macro perspective of a website. Note that I first used the term "traffic" and not "users". For us, website owners, understanding the trends of a "traffic" and the behaviour of the "traffic" on our website is extremely important in order to estimate the relevancy of our website, to the kind of "users" we expected to receive as a traffic. Your personal contact information is becoming important only when you subscribe, and only for websites, that allow subscription, like this website ( Google analytics cookies are look like that in the browser's cache:

Name    Content
------  --------
__utmz 169224370.1338034927.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)
__utmc 169224370
__utma 169224370.1196929878.1338034926.1338034926.1338034926.1
__utmb 169224370.1.10.1338034927

You can read about the exact purpose of any type of Cookie in this link: click here

2. Login user cookie: Many of the websites on web requires you to login before you can access some section of a website. How can those websites remember that you were logged-in when you move from one page to another, and present you name? The answer is simple - theses websites uses Cookies to keep your identity after logged-in, and then when you switch from one page to another the Cookie is examined and you identity is presented. This can be even more sophisticated. Once a Cookie with your identity was set, then next-time you visit this website, website can tell who you are only by your Cookie, even before you login again. This allow a website to personalize your experience for example, offering you a coupon for purchasing some product in discount, event without requiring you to login. Login Cookie can looks like this:

    Name                                 Content
    ----                                 -------
    SESScbf138e7acb21eb877b0372ac1c1ff23 1jtp4ei4mnhbtekusec627p9q3

3. Cookies from advertising widgets: Many websites uses advertising as a mean for funding website activity. In fact, advertising, and affiliate marketing (commission based advertising) is something that almost any website owner learn to use and apply to website at some point or another in a website life-cycle, unless a better approach for function website activity, and organization activities, is found. That way advertising widgets are so commonly used. The Cookie of advertising widget keep information that help the 3'rd party agency that provide the advertising to try and match ads to traffic. Have you noticed that many times, an advertisement, lets say from Google AdWords, is tracking you while you move from one website to another? How is that possible? You already know the answer - Cookie. Here is an example of cookies received from AdSense widgets that show Google Ads on some of our websites:

    Name     Content
    ------   --------
    _drt_    NO_DATA
    id       22ca08c56b0100fb||t=1338033628|et=730|cs=002213fd487ad9a9667fdd4161

5. Cookies from social-widgets: Social widgets are features on a website that establish a connection between a website and social-networks. For example, by clicking the Like button of Facebook, a linkage is created from Facebook to the specific page on a website. By creating a Bookmark on Twitter a link is created from Twitter to the website. These links are essential part of SEO strategy of any modern website. wit the strict purpose to drive more traffic to the website. Some of the social-widgets may create cookies. Here is an example of Cookies created by Google+:

Name     Content
------   --------
NID   60=kkJZlGwBGxy9tK75TAOADFw2OaMKUyKyM-LoYXx2yU37YbN31rFoqzDNdDJh0ffOswNylkeMhoMqo2QRX....
PREF  ID=0b0ed88bd059c4dd:U=b09b0401e01da9f2:FF=0:TM=1338033571:LM=1338033572:S=44F-tfupREvBwMgw

Type of Cookies we are using

You should be aware now, of what Cookie is - a file stored on the web browser's cache for the purpose of personalizing user experience when browsing a website. In the list below we summarize the Cookies we are using on our websites. Not all the cookies are used on each websites. Some websites provide only first-party Cookies (Cookies Rhizome Networks is generating) such as the "rhz-compare-list" shown in the example above. Other websites use also third-party cookies such as those generated by Google Analytics and Google ads. So formally we declare that A WEBSITE OWNED BY Rhizome Network LTD MAY NOW OR IN THE FUTURE, INCLUDES ONE OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING COOKIES:

  • 1. First-party cookies used and require by our own services such as: - Comparison widget - Cart - Listing of product - Social-Browsing proxy
  • 2. Login user cookies
  • 3. Analytics cookies from these 3'rd party services:

cookies generated by Rhizome Networks' accont - Google Analytics and other cookies generated when presenting IFrame with customer reviews from Amazon. 4. Cookies of social-widgets: - Facebook Like button - Google+ button - Social bookmarking: and other


Avoiding Cookies

If you prefer to avoid cookies completely you can set your web-browser's settings not to accept cookies. We provide here a general pattern for setting. For the exact procedure please consult your browser's settings guide: Microsoft Internet Explorer Click the 'Tools' icon in the top right hand corner and select 'Internet options'. In the pop up window select the 'Privacy' tab. From here you can adjust your cookie settings. To delete: Tools->delete browsing history-> select the "Cookies" option and press the Delete button Google Chrome Click the spanner in the top right hand corner and select 'Settings'. From here select 'Under the hood' and change the settings under 'Privacy'. Mozilla Firefox From the drop down menu in the top left hand corner select 'Options'. In the pop up window select the 'Privacy' tab. From here you can adjust your cookie settings. To delete: Tools->Clear browsing data->check "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data" option and press the deletion button. To delete: Tools->Clear recent history->Select the "Cookies" option and click the "Clean now" button. Safari From the settings drop down menu in the top right hand corner select 'Preferences'. Select the 'Security' tab and from here you can adjust your cookie settings. Opera Use Tools->Preference, then select the "Advanced" tab, the the "Cookies" item in the list. Make a settings. To delete: Delete discrete Cookies can be handled by Tools->Advanced->Cookies. To delete the entire cache of cookies use Tools->delete private data and in the "detailed options" select "delete all cookies". The press the deletion button. To

Your Consent for our use of Cookies

As explained above, Cookies are essential part of user experience on Rhizome Networks' websites. - Using cookies in our own services is essential for the operation of those services. - Using Login-user cookies is essential for us in order to provide you subscription based websites - Using Advertising Cookies is essential for us in order to to provide you with free websites. - Using Analytics cookies is essential for us in order to improve and evaluate our websites. - Using social-widgets cookies is essential part of website marketing and promotion efforts. In addition, we act to make information about Cookies and other method we are using for collecting personal information, available and highlighted so that any visitor of our website, can access and read. In addition we are acting to provide on our website, a special Widget to allow users like you to express their consent. However, many or our websites assume traffic of occasional users. Most of these uses will not stay more then few seconds on our website. The process of conditioning website usage prior to any invocation of Cookies is therefore - NOT PRACTICAL. In simple words asking occasional user to "Agree" on something is like telling this user "Go away..." and we don't want users to Go away. We want users to be what the terms "users" denote: "to use". We want users to use our websites. According your use of our website and services is and expression of your consent for us to use Cookies.

Opt-Out from User's expressed constant

On websites where expressed constant to use Cookies was provided by users, users can Opt-Out from this expressed constant by: Clearing the cookies from there browser's cache. (You guess right: how can we provide and expressed constant for using Cookies by occasional users? The answer: by using a cookie! )

Collection of Personal Information by Web-Server

When visiting this website or any other of our websites, the IP address used to access the site will be logged along with the dates and times of access. This is handled on our web-server. This information is purely used to analyze trends, administer the site, track users movement and gather broad demographic information for internal use. Most importantly, any recorded IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.


Google Analytics

We are using Google Analytics code to collect general information about visitors so we can track the traffic to this website. Yuo can opt-out using this tool.


Facebook Pixel

We may decide at any time to use Facebook pixel code to collect information about traffic arrive from company Ads published on facebook. Please refer this page for more details:


Ad Servers

Other Third Party ad servers or ad networks may also use cookies to track users activities on this website to measure advertisement effectiveness and other reasons that will be provided in their own privacy policies. This website has no access or control over these cookies that may be used by third party advertisers.

Links to third party Websites

We have included links on this site for your use and reference. We are not responsible for the privacy policies on these websites. You should be aware that the privacy policies of these sites may differ from our own.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, at our discretion. 

Governing Jurisdiction

Our website, and services are managed and operated from Israel. As such, we are subject to the laws of Israel, and such laws will govern this policy, without giving effect to any choice of law rules. We make no representation that our website(s), platform or other services are appropriate, legal or available for use in other locations. Accordingly, if you choose to access our website(s) and Content Glass platform, you agree to do so subject to the internal laws of Israel.



Contact person: Gilad Tiram CEO

Address: Zichron Yakov 8 Petah Tikva Israel


Last updated  28/03/2017