Resume Page

Resume page let you write your resume so it will be presented on-line. Resume pager combines multiple approaches for presenting your experience and interacting with interested organizations, including textual resume, links and photos of your previous works, message-box and sharing -board for interacting directly with interested organizations. Resume pages are also published on index where employers and service-providers can search for workers.

Resume page does not include categories such as age, gender, believe, nationality and any other categories that can be used for discrimination. It also means that these categories can't be used by organization to filter pages when searching on index. We try to build things so that only experiences, skills and attitude matter.  

Peer To Peer Job Seeking

Many times people complaints about the alienation involved in the process of job seeking, in the way it is handled by recruitment agencies and man-power  firms. Resume page presents a different approach - Peer-to-Peer job seeking. In fact nothing new about this approach beside the ability to harness new technology in order to go back to those days, before automation replaces human touch. The bottom line is clear: there is no intermediate agency in the process. We are not in the middle between you and your future employer! We are not telling you how to write your resume or how to present yourself, on the contrary, we encourage every one to use her/his own style.

Resume pages index

Resume pages are presented on index. The index is used by organizations seeking for workers to find workers for their projects based on search by criterions derived from the structure of resume page. For example, 'Target country', 'Region' and professional key words. 


Promoting Your Page

There are two main approaches for promoting your page. The first approach is that you take the URL of your page and spread it on social-networks or send it by email to friends so that contacts and friends can see your page, and recommend to other.

The second approach is using an internal PPC (pay per click) system that works on index where resume pages are presented. Unlike other PPC systems where anonymous users can click paid ads, in this case we do the opposite. Only registered users of Content Glass Cloud, that gave a consent to show paid ads on index, will see the your ads. We believe improve the quality of the clicks and of course we it make it easier to count unique clicks/day so that you do not pay for multiple clicks on your ads over and over again. 

Ads for CG-Direct pages are in fact CG Widgets that can be used to share text, photo, video or custom HTML. When you create a page, as page owner you will see "Promote" tab. Selecting this tab let you create CG widgets that will be presented og search result. You should set the bid for each widget you create that determine the relative position of your widget from all relevant ads detected based on search criterions. The higher is the bid, the higher the position of your ad widget among all relevant widgets.