CG-Direct app is free during the beta testing period. During this period you can create pages for free.  If you see a button "Pay Now" on your page, it is there for the purpose of testing payment flow. There is no need to purchase subscription at this time!


What is beta-testing period?

In this period the application will be examined, and customers feedback will be used to make the required changes and fixes. We perceive early adopters as contributors to app testing and therefore do not charge during this period. For some customers, the tests may also include testing the payment process, that will be performed using special TEST ACCOUNT and without actually charge the user for that. we will be happy for this kind of cooperation.

What will happen after beta-testing period?

After beta-testing period we may decide to allow various pages for Free and other pages for some fee. The exact fee will be determine in the future based on various considerations. Our activity is not supported by any venture-capital and we are not able to run service in the long-term, without collecting some fee for supporting the costs of infrastructure, development and support efforts.

Existing users will get notice in advance before we move to paid model.

For getting general perspective we are currently considering a price of $24/year per page. Agenciest that create pages for their customers may get even better prices. This minimal price assumes moderate traffic derived by page and page-owner may be asked to upgrade if traffic derived by page requires the installation of special IT resources to be added. See terms for more details and explanations about traffic limitation.

Where do I buy subscription?

Payment for CG-Direct pages is performed on CG Store -a centralized app for selling subscriptions for various apps participate in Content-Glass Cloud.  CG-Cloud app works in combined with CG-Store app and CG-Direct app in order to update your cloud account with information about purchased subscriptions and consumed products. The mechanism that works between these apps knows to update you account automatically when you consume some product as well as when you purchase subscriptions. Cloud account logic knows to assign subscriptions to products automatically. So for example it is possible for agency to purchase multiple subscriptions for CG-Direct pages in advance, and the subscriptions will be activate automatically when related product is consumed.   

Are there any taxes?

* Israeli customers should add VAT to mentioned prices. The tax wil be added automatically to purchase price based on user details.

Have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask us any question that bother you regarding the pricing. Open Support Ticket.