Did you know that this app can be yours? Rhizome Networks would like to establish technological Hub model for establishing its Content Glass Cloud networks of app and you may be part of it. 

The Hub model refer to Rhizome Networks LTD, the founder of Content Glass platform as technological hub for creating hige value Content Glass apps. Once app prototype is ready for the phase of bringing to market, we search for partner that would like to get the responsibility of marketing, operating, and supporting the app. There are two types of partners we are using:

Operational Partner

Operation partner is either a company of group of entrepreneurs that can prove to have the capability of taking the operational and marketing tasks of an app and commercialize the app by bring the app to market. This partner is responsible to:

  • Marketing
  • Licensing
  • Customer Support  
  • On going high level fixes and maintenance.

In other words the partner group should be able to provide at least these three functions: Marketing, Business development and Programming. During the partnership period Rhizome Networks will continue to provide deep-level functionality (infrastructure) as well as innovative interactions between the app the other Content Glass app. However it is assumed that most of the on-going programming  will be handled by the partner. This approach allow the app to evolve vertically by the partner team and horizontally by the synergy with other apps, and integration with Content Glass platforms features was will be handled by Rhizome Networks. 

Note that operational partner can't be an outsourcing provider or agency. We want to work with dedicated organic groups that can show dedication and strong will to success with the commercialization of this app. Accordingly we prefer organic group of entrepreneurs or a company that is looking for extending its business and find this app to be a strategic opportunity. 


Financial Partner

Financial partner is private investor that would like to invest at least the seed investment to support the operational partner in the commercialization process of the app. We are looking only for venture capital investors and not for loans or any other method of repayment. At this time when you read this article the app is no longer an idea but at least technological concept-proof for specific functionality. Financial partner should have some basic understanding of what app is doing and being able to asses its commercial potential. We prefer to work with partners that have strategic contacts in this field or an ability to open some doors or bind some connections in the specific field of this app.  


How is it working?

  • First we make an announcement - this article
  • Interested partners of both types are welcome to contact using our TICKET SYSTEM. Make sure to select "Content Glass App Partner" in the help topic field. 
  • Once we find the operational partner we want to work with and we find a financial partner for supporting the phase of bringing the app to the market we will work together on partnership contract.
  • And after contract was set operational partner will get all the required technical resources and is then responsible to go forward.

The bottom line of how equity and/or income is shared will be determined by a contract. But generally the operational partners may have up to 80% of equity and/or income, produced from the app.