Direct Selling Page

Direct-Selling page is used by store owners to perform live selling sessions with their customers. The page was design to provide interactive and guided shopping experience in which shop owner helps buyer to select products that fit most to customer needs. Page owner can customize page behavior including: style, enabling/disabling views etc'.  

Operation Modes

This page support two mode of operation:

1. Public mode: in this mode only the public resources are exposed. Information generated in this mode is public. For example if user share widget in a public mode this widget is also shared with other users. 

2. Session mode: in this mode the information generated by page activity is stored on some user's session. For example, shopping cart state and list of items presented over the counter are stored for a session. Session persist as long as it was not deleted by either page owner or associated visitor and user can return and connect with the session to access the data shared with the owner.


Page Views

Page is equipped with the following views:

Counter view

Using the 'Counter' view, seller can present products to customer based on customer need, while both interact using text and video chat. Products may be added to shopping cart and order can be made directly from page or later when customer is ready to pay.

Products Gallery View

Products gallery provide basic search for products on connected web store. The view can be accessed during live-session and function in a shared-browsing mode or individually by user after live session was ended. As with counter view, also gallery view can be used to add products to shopping cart and post new order to connected store.

Sharing Board View

Sharing board view can be used by visitors to share widgets with store owner and/or with other visitors. On the other end it can be used by store owner to share widgets with visitors. Widgets share in the scope of user-session are share privately between store owner and a visitor. Widgets shared outside of user session are shared publicly. 

Shopping Cart View

This view function as a shopping cart that collect the items selected by visitor. Visitor can post new order to connected store. The shopping cart is available to users both during live session or offline, in association with visitor's session. Therefore a visitor can reurn the the cart also after live-session was ended and complete the order or delete the cart.