Business Page

Business page is a general purpose page for interacting with customers and prospects. It can be used as landing page in commercial capagins, as leads generator as well as for support and feedback.Unlike direct-selling page, this page template does not include a connection with web sotre. On the other end-it can include some "Buy" button from known payment providers such as PayPal or Amazon.  Page owner can setup page behaviour including style, background, layouts and selecting the views to show. 

Operation Modes

This page support two modes of operation:

1. Public mode: in this mode only the public resources are exposed. Information generated in this mode is public. For example if user share widget in a public mode this widget is also shared with other visitors. 

2. Session mode: in this mode the information generated by page activity is stored on some user's session. For example, store owner and customer can get in to live-session and the information shared with customer over the counter during live-session is stored for this visitor session. User can later return to this information shared with him/her also when page owner is offline. 

Page Views

Page is equipped with the following views:

Counter view

The 'Counter' is designed to provide an experience of direct interaction with customers, using text and video chat. Page owner can present documents and media and suggest solution to customers based on customer's need. A reference to presented items is stored on visitor's session so that visitor can later return and view shared information also when page owner is offline. 

Business Info View

This page shows basic description of the business such as when business is doind, what are the open hours etc'.

Buy Online View

This view can include purchase button for one or more itesm, or event an embedded store such as the one provided by Amazon. 

Sharing Board View

Sharing board view can be used by visitors to share widgets with store owner and/or with other visitors. On the other end it can be used by store owner to share widgets with visitors. Widgets share in the scope of user-session are share privately between store owner and a visitor. Widgets shared outside of user session are shared publicly. 

Custom Views

Page owner may add up to 10 more custom views with free relevant content.